• The use of Talcum in PP sheet extrusion line

      Talcum powder has become an important inorganic mineral filler for plastic modification, and has attracted attention in the research and application of filled modified polypropylene (PP) plastics. There is room for research in the development of talc filled modified PP plastics, talc fille...
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  • GRPU

    Glass fiber reinforced polyurethane (GRPU), known as glass fiber reinforced polyurethane, refers to a high strength, high modulus, lightweight polymer composite material with high stiffness polyurethane elastomer as the matrix material and glass fibre as the reinforcing material, produced by cont...
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  • PP hollow plastic template

    1. Features 1. PP hollow plastic formwork PP hollow plastic formwork is a hollow plastic sheet made of polypropylene (PP) material, which is similar in appearance and performance to traditional wooden formwork. It is characterized by light weight, high strength, good toughness, impact resistance,...
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  • Usages Of PVB Adhesive Film

    PVB film is a semi-transparent film, with good adhesion to inorganic glass, transparent, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, high mechanical strength, it is the best adhesive material for manufacturing laminated glass.PVB film can absorb the impact energy and does not produce broken fragments, this k...
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  • About PVC and PVDC Cling Film

    Cing film is a kind of packaging material for fresh food commonly used by people, with moderate oxygen permeability and humidity permeability, regulating the oxygen content and moisture content around the preserved products, blocking the dust in the air as well as the bacteria, etc, so as to prol...
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  • What are the quality indicators of PVC sheets?

    PVC hot formed products, due to the high variability of PVC raw material formula, their performance can be adjusted within a certain range by changing the formula to meet the needs of packaging and various uses of food, medicine, daily products, and many chemical products. Especially PVC packagin...
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  • Would PU composite frame be better choice for PV frame

    Would PU composite frame be better choice for PV frame

    In 2021, the global solar energy market size is about 185GW, corresponding to a border market of about 23 billion, of which China accounts for 80%, about 20 billion; In 2022, the production capacity of photovoltaic modules will increase by about 30%, and the border market will be around 30 billio...
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  • PC Optical hollow sheet machine

    The sunlight board is mainly made of PC/PET/PMMA/PP material, ABS plus PC material, and FRP resin. In English, it is polycarbonate hollow sheet or pet sheet or pmma sheet or pp sheet. The term sunlight board is a common name for polycarbonate hollow board in China, and is generally not used to re...
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  • PC Optical Light Guide Plate Applications

    Light Guide Plate is produced in the application of Liquid Crystal Display. With the popularization and promotion of new energy vehicles, the on-board display tends to be intelligent and oversized, which requires the on-board LCD light guide plate to have high fluidity, excellent heat resistance,...
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  • GWELL High Barrier Sheet Equipment

    Plastic film has a certain shielding ability against liquids, small molecule gases, and odor molecules. The permeability coefficient is usually used to represent the size of the barrier properties of plastic films. At present, the commonly used high barrier packaging materials include PA, EVOH, a...
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  • The causes and precautions of thickness uniformity in cast films

    The lateral thickness of the film is uniform and equipped with automatic adjustment devices for thermal expansion bolts. The basic working principle of this device is to heat and cool the bolts that control the mold gap, and adjust the mold gap using the physical properties of thermal expansion a...
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  • GWELL PV Module Frame Pultrusion Line

    GWELL PV Module Frame Pultrusion Line

    Polyurethane PV frames offer a number of advantages over traditional aluminium and metal PV frames. Polyurethane composites have excellent mechanical properties, with axial tensile strengths more than seven times that of traditional aluminium alloys. Strong resistance to salt spray and chemical c...
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