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CHINA GWELL is a high-tech enterprise, committed to providing customers with plastic sheet, board, film and other extrusion lines. GWELL can provide Turn-key projects, such as stone paper project, EVA solar film project, PP building formwork equipment, CPP cast film project, etc.

GWELL has a strong technical equipment strength and key capacity, committed to high-end product development, international market development. “Realize customers’ value” is the company’s long-term business philosophy.

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  • EVA Waterproofing Membrane Extrusion Line

    EVA Waterproofing Memb...

    EVA polymer composite waterproof membrane choose high quality ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer as the main material, adding fiber to increase the strength; Adding modifier to improve physical and chemical properties of materials; Add stabilizer to improve the chemical and physical stability of the product. Add anti-aging agent to prolong the service life of materials; The antioxidant was added to improve the antioxidant performance. Add fungicides to prevent bacteria and mold from eroding. &n...

  • PVC、PVDC Cling Film Production Line

    PVC、PVDC Cling Film P...

    Usage of PVC cling film: cling film is a commonly used packaging material for fresh food. It has moderate oxygen permeability and moisture permeability, regulating the oxygen content and moisture content around the fresh food, preventing dust and bacteria in the air, so as to extend the freshness retention period of food. PVC plastic wrap has high and low temperature resistance and high transparency, hight stretch and viscosity, and it is easy to use. The product price is cheap, and widely us...

  • PP PS sheet extrusion line

    PP PS sheet extrusion ...

    Parameter Gwell PP/PS sheet production line The common PP/PS sheet extrusion production lines are single extruder which produces single-layer sheet, double extruders which produce three-layer sheet. There are also multiple machine co extrusion multi-layer production lines, which can process up to 7-9 layers of composite sheets for high barrier film(GWELL have invented the first 9-layer high baarrier film machine in China). Production lines, such as high barrier EVOH multi-layer co extruded s...

  • PET sheet  extrusion line

    PET sheet extrusion line

    Parameter Classification of PET sheet extrusion production line 1.PET PET sheet is a new type of plastic product developed in recent years, so what is the difference between it and our traditional plastic? The production process for this material is complex and is produced using high-precision machinery through a series of extrusion processes.   The plastic we usually see is a translucent substance. Nevertheless, the transparency of this material can change in real time according to its...


Service First

  • APET Anti-fog sheet

    APET sheet can be used to make anti-fogging sheet, APET anti-fogging sheet is a kind of product used to prevent fogging effect, it is widely used in many aspects, using this product we can avoid the phenomenon of fogging of our automobile glass and so on in the winter time. APET anti-fog sheets h...

  • The advantages of APET sheet

    As the name suggests, PET sheet is made of APET raw materials, in the industry, the use of sheet is very important, there are hundreds of kinds of sheet, APET sheet is the one that stands out, because its characteristics are very stable, and there are many advantages in use, so today let APET she...