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CHINA GWELL is a high-tech enterprise, committed to providing customers with plastic sheet, board, film and other extrusion lines. GWELL can provide Turn-key projects, such as stone paper project, EVA solar film project, PP building formwork equipment, CPP cast film project, etc.

GWELL has a strong technical equipment strength and key capacity, committed to high-end product development, international market development. “Realize customers’ value” is the company’s long-term business philosophy.

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  • PVC super clear soft sheet extrusion line

    PVC super clear soft s...

    Parameter Type of extruder Single screw extruder (with Gwell patented vacuum hopper) Width of Products 600mm-3050mm Thickness of Products 0.4mm-10mm Output 150kg/h-1000kg/h   Features of highly transparent PVC soft sheet extrusion production line * screw with special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design. * hanger die head adopts special double throttling design to make plate thickness adjustment more accurate. * temperature control ±1C can acc...

  • PLA sheet extrusion line

    PLA sheet extrusion line

    Parameter Single screw production line for PET sheet single screw extrusion production line for APET, PETG and CPET sheet is the most mature project with the most stable production at present. Generally, single extruder production line or twin-extruder  production line is adopted and Gwell uses the latest technology to increase the general efficiency by 30%. PET sheet single screw exhaust production line this machine only needs to crystallize PET, and does not need to dry. Its advantages: lo...

  • PVB film extrusion line

    PVB film extrusion line

    Parameter   Type of extruder Parallel twin screw extruder GWP95 Single crew extruder GWS150 Parallel twin screw extruder GWP95 / parallel twin screw extruder GWP52 Parallel twin screw extruder GWS135 / Parallel twin screw extruder GWS52 Structure of product A A A, A/B, A/B/A A, A/B, A/B/A Width of product 1500mm–2800mm 1500mm–2500mm 2500mm–3600mm 2400mm–3600mm Thickness of product 0.38mm–1.52 mm 0.38mm–1.52 ...

  • EVA  POE solar film extrusion line

    EVA POE solar film ex...

    Parameter Extruder Type GWS180 Co-extrusion GWS180+GWS180 Raw material EVA, POE EVA, POE Capacity 0.6GW(600kg/h) 1GW(1000kg/h) Product EVA, POE(2kinds) EVA, POE,EPE(3 kinds) Net width 2200mm-2700mm Thickness range 0.2mm-1mm Design line speed 20m/min Application EVA、POE、EPE film for solar encapsulation   Features of GWELL EVA Film extrusion line Excellent durability such as weather resistance, high-temperature resistance, humid...


Service First

  • Applications Of CPP Film

    CPP film not only has the characteristics of good transparency, high gloss, good stiffness, excellent heat sealing performance, moisture barrier and heat resistance, but also has the characteristics of good thickness, high flatness, high yield, after surface treatment, it can be laminating and si...

  • Applications Of PP Sheet

    PP sheet is short for polypropylene sheet. Polypropylene granules are dyed, plasticised at high temperature and extruded into polypropylene sheet.PP sheet has chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, high strength mechanical properties and good high abrasion resistance process...