Applications Of CPP Film

CPP film not only has the characteristics of good transparency, high gloss, good stiffness, excellent heat sealing performance, moisture barrier and heat resistance, but also has the characteristics of good thickness, high flatness, high yield, after surface treatment, it can be laminating and simple printing, and then bag making and ultimately used in a variety of packaging.

There are many kinds of CPP films, the most common at present are the following:

Composite CCP film: is the most common type of CPP film, mainly used for composite, for smooth, heat sealing and corona have certain requirements, generally three-layer structure: COPP/HOPP/HOPP or COPP. which heat sealing by the COPP layer to determine the middle of the support layer, the other side of the treatment layer, if used for automatic packaging machines, the coefficient of friction does not need to be too low, if used for manual packaging, the coefficient of friction requirements are not too low. used for manual packaging, then the coefficient of friction is required to be 0.2 or less.

Metal-type MCP film; metal-type MCP film on the thickness of the higher requirements, because the film surface needs to be evaporation metal (such as aluminium) has a strong adhesion strength, evaporation can still maintain good dimensional stability and rigidity, so the general requirements of special aluminium-plated materials, and raw materials, and the stiffness to be high. The structure of the metal type is also copolymer PP/homopolymer PP/copolymer PP.

Cooking RCP film; often used for cooking food packaging, can be divided into high-temperature cooking grade and general cooking grade two. High-temperature cooking grade CPP film, mainly used with other film composite made of a variety of bags, can withstand more than 120 ℃ cooking sterilisation; and general CPP cooking film, only in the following 120 ℃ boiling sterilisation. Cooking grade CPP film is usually laminated with PET, NY, aluminium foil and so on. Due to the requirement of better mechanical properties and cold resistance, the following formula is used for production: COPP/COPP/COPP.

Tissue paper packaging film; is developed in the last two years, used for such as napkins, facial tissues, toilet paper, etc., with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the dosage of the last two years, an explosive growth. General requirements for both sides with heat sealing, and both sides smooth, good anti-static properties.

Inflatable packaging film; used for the protection of transported items, such as alcohol transport, and the requirement of a longer shelf life of the packaging, etc.. Inflatable packaging film requires good heat sealing performance of the film as well as good mechanical ductility and impact resistance, so the requirements of the heat sealing layer is very high, generally need to add elastomers in the heat sealing layer. The structure is copolymer PP+elastomer/homopolymer PP/homopolymer PP.




Post time: Jun-06-2024