PVB film extrusion line

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PVB film is a semi-transparent film with good adhesion to inorganic glass, and it is transparent, heat-resistant, cold-resistant and has high mechanical strength. PVB film can absorb the impact energy, and it do not produce broken pieces. This kind of safety glass is widely used in cars, high-rise buildings, bank counters, a variety of bulletproof glass. In the safety performance, it has excellent sound insulation, light control, heat preservation, heat insulation, shock resistance and other performance, so it is the world’s ideal safe glass processing materials.

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Type of extruder

Parallel twin screw extruder GWP95

Single crew extruder GWS150

Parallel twin screw extruder GWP95 / parallel twin screw extruder GWP52

Parallel twin screw extruder GWS135 / Parallel twin screw extruder GWS52

Structure of product



A, A/B, A/B/A

A, A/B, A/B/A

Width of product





Thickness of product

0.38mm--1.52 mm

0.38mm--1.52 mm



Max output





Main USES of PVB film extrusion line

1. PVB automobile safety glass film production line: PVB film is mainly used as the intermediate layer of automobile front windshield

2. PVB building glass intermediate film production line: PVB film is mainly used as the intermediate layer of high-rise building glass

3. PVB solar film production line: PVB film is used for packaging solar film batteries

PVB film

Production Line Features

PVB film

CHINA GWELL's PVB film production line is a reliable brand. China's top three PVB film manufacturers are using GWELL's PVB dry process (by roller) and PVB wet process (by water) film equipment.India's first PVB film production line is also produced by GWELL.
PVB film width: 3600mm(Max),
PVB film thickness: 0.38-1.52mm,
Output: 500-800kg/h,
Shrinkage: ≤2%,
Total length of production line: 28m.
It can be cut into desired width according to user's requirements.


The production line has the following characteristics:

1. Adapt to different types of processing systems with various material

2. High output, low energy consumption and high degree of automation.

3. From loading material to the final winding, it is using automatic mixing, PLC full integration, and we provide Turn-key Project.

Production Line Classification

PVB film production line is divided into two kinds. One is a dry process, also called roll method of the process, through the stretch film extrusion, cooling stereotypes winding in the air. The other is a wet process, also called water craft, stretch film extrusion of film through tank cooling stereotypes, blow dry after winding. There are a lot of equipment differences between two kinds of process , and their prices is also very different. The main machine can adopt single screw extruder or parallel twin screw extruder according to different needs and raw materials. Please consult the sales engineer for details. PVB glass film production line is the core technology of Gwell.

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