ABS,PMMA;HIPS,GPPS Sanitaryware Sheet Extrusion Line

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ABS/PMMA Co-extrusion Sanitaryware plate is composed of PMMA and ABS. It not only retain the features of the rigidity and luster of acrylic plate surface, but also give consideration to the ABS plate impact resistance. It has good performance for forming, high temperature, low temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good machining. It can be used in bathroom products such as bath, shower room, steam room, sink.

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ABS,HIPS/GPPS refrigerator plate production line

divided into ABS board, ABS fluorofree board, ABS antibacterial board,HIPS high-gloss composite board,HIPS anti-141b composite board. It has strong low temperature toughness, impact resistance, chemical stability and other good properties. It is mainly used for the door bladder, inner bladder, drawer, displacement, water dispenser and so on.

ABS (luggage) board

leather plate, matt leather plate, flame retardant leather plate. It has good thermoplasticity, flame retardant and high impact resistance. Applicatons: roof and instrument panel of automobile and bus; Seat board, door plate, window frame, motorcycle shell, all kinds of pull rod boxes, luggage, leisure bags and other bags.

ABS plate

ABS plate is a new material in the plate industry. Its full name is acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer plate, which is the largest yield and most widely used. It unifies all kinds of properties of PS, SAN and BS organically, and has excellent mechanical properties of tough, hard and rigid phase equilibrium. ABS plate has excellent impact strength, good dimensional stability, dyeing, molding and mechanical processing, high mechanical strength, high stiffness, low water absorption, good corrosion resistance, simple connection, non-toxic tasteless, excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation performance. It can withstand heat without deformation and has high impact toughness at low temperature. It is also a hard, non-scratch, non-deformable material. Low water absorption; High dimensional stability. Conventional ABS board is not very white, but the toughness is very good, can be cut with the shear machine. 


food industry parts, building model, hand plate making, phase forming electronic parts, refrigerator refrigeration industry, electronics and electric appliances, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

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